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you work smarter. Save money.
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It’s time for fresh thinking in order pickup

We’re proud to introduce Apex Order Pickup Solutions. It’s 100% focused on fast, contactless order pickup for restaurants, foodservice, B2B e-commerce, retail and other venues. We invite you to take a look and see why our automated solutions and proven software are the innovation you need to make order pickup more efficient and profitable. 

Imagine the Possibilities™

Customers pick up their orders in seconds, without waiting in line.
Employees get the supplies they need, when they need them.
Mobile devices, scanners and tools are always where they should be.
And you can see it all, with Apex Trajectory™ visibility.




Extremely reliable. Easy to use.
And there when you need it.


See what’s happening. And know why it matters.

Apex Trajectory™ cloud platform makes it easy to put our solutions to work. And it gives you visibility into new types of information that helps you increase productivity, improve your customer’s experience, and virtually eliminate waste and loss.

Apex Trajectory

Human to human interaction


Average reduction in mobile device repair costs

Seconds to a secure contactless pickup


Savings in supply costs