Apex #TrueStory Campaign Highlights Struggle with Lost Handheld Electronics

As Released on Business Wire

Retailers and Distribution Centers Suffer Lost Time, Replacement Costs

NEW YORK – (Jan. 19, 2016 08:12 AM Eastern Time) – Every day, retail stores and distribution centers struggle with the management of handheld electronics, sustaining huge losses through replacement costs and time lost searching for these critical business tools. Apex Supply Chain Technologies, a global leader in automated dispensing systems, highlights the problem in its new #TrueStory campaign.

“In conversations we’ve had with senior leadership for these companies, we’ve come across many ‘horror’ stories about what happens when handheld scanners, tablets, smartphones and headsets are not managed effectively,” said Kent Savage, president and CEO of Apex. “Many managers probably think that they’re the only ones dealing with the problem. Our #TrueStory campaign clearly shows the widespread nature of the problems of lost time and resources across the retail sector.”

Apex’s solution to the problem comes through its Axcess™ 6100 series automated locker system, which automates check-out and check-in of devices through the use of personalized codes or ID cards. The lockers work with Apex Trajectory™ Cloud software, which reports on who took what, when and where. The system provides better control and accountability for the handheld electronic devices, immediately cutting down on lost labor time and high replacement costs.

One #TrueStory explains how an operator stashes a handheld device in a personal locker instead of turning it into a manager. When the operator has a sick day, the device gets a holiday instead of being available for someone else to use.

Another #TrueStory tells of handheld scanners stashed out-of-sight in a distribution center that has no system for controlling check-out and check-in. The operator had learned that a “lost” scanner turned into downtime on the job while management found a replacement.

Many other #TrueStory examples show the variety of problems caused by inadequate management of handheld electronics.

Join the campaign on Twitter by sharing your own true story about the inadequate management of handheld electronics with @ApexSupplyChain on Twitter. Or follow other #TrueStory examples at the Apex blog.

Axcess 6100 lockers for automated management of handheld devices are on display this week in booth 825 at the NRF’s Big Show in New York City.

About Apex Supply Chain Technologies: Mason, Ohio-based Apex Supply Chain Technologies is a global leader in automated dispensing systems for applications in retail, professional, service and industrial settings. CEO and founder Kent Savage is widely recognized as an international expert on automated dispensing and technology solutions and a visionary for innovative applications of the technology. Apex has managed more than one billion automated vending transactions and serves thousands of global clients, including more than 300 Fortune 1000 companies. For more information, email info@apexsupplychain.com visit apexsupplychain.com/retail or call +1 (800) 229-7912.