"We've seen a 40 percent reduction in repairs." Bill Brauer, Casey's General Store
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The contactless head start your distribution center needs, every day

The pressure’s on, now more than ever. You’ve got to keep your team safe, while asking them to get more done. And you can’t afford to waste a minute on inefficient processes. So give them the speed and efficiency they need while you get more accountability for scanners, RFIDs and mobile computers.

Save time with faster shift starts

Less damage and fewer repairs

Easily track device chain of custody

Max-out productivity
and profitability

With distribution center labor costs through the roof, every minute counts. So why are your associates waiting in line for scanners? Apex Mobile Asset Management Solutions give them self-serve access to the devices they need, so they can focus on getting more done.

Distribution centers increase productivity and profitability
Scanners and mobile computers within an instrument scope

Make accountability
your new best friend

When you’re constantly replacing lost and damaged scanners and RFIDs, you’ve got an expensive problem. With Apex Mobile Asset Management Solutions, you always know who’s using every device, and when it’s due back. The result? More accountability, and a big drop in damage, loss and hoarding.

Optimize, then optimize some more

For the distribution industry, the pressure to reduce costs and get more done never goes away. Here are five tips you might not have thought of that’ll help you get better results, every day.

Distribution center white paper: Five Tips to Help DCs Get More Done Every Day

8,600 Labor
Hours Recovered

See how this Ingram Micro DC found more hours in the day, simply by changing how they distribute RFID devices.

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Simple Changes, Big Results
Distribution center Supervisor looking at barcode scanner


Scanner Damage Eliminated
This efficient team changed how it protects scanners so it can compete on a larger scale.

Warehouse associates wearing voice picking headsets


16,438 Labor Hours Recovered
A simple change helped Casey’s DC recover 15 minutes of productive time for every associate.

Meritor distribution center


97% Fewer Scanner Replacements
See how increased accountability brought Meritor a major drop in scanner repairs and replacements.

Your Data In Focus
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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Are you making the most of your scanners and RFIDs, or do your teams lose hours each week due to loss, damage and other misuse? Apex Trajectory™ cloud give you 99.5% uptime with real-time information, so you get better accountability – and devices are available for every shift.

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Make full visibility
your advantage

With a Lenz™ subscription, you can review weeks, months or years of your Apex Trajectory data in easy-to-use dashboards. Your teams can spot trends and understand critical KPIs with greater accuracy to unleash new efficiencies, ensure better planning and make smarter, data-based decisions. How’s that for a competitive advantage?

Eye, visibility