Apex Cloud gives you real-time visibility of what matters most.

Insights that keep
customers coming back

Experience is everything. And Apex Cloud™ helps you give
customers a faster, more efficient order pickup experience –
while optimizing labor and workflows, too.

Get a “right now” view

of compartment usage, then drill down into real-time order and compartment details that can make the difference between an okay experience, and a great one. And user-friendly design means associates like it too, since training takes just minutes.

Real-time decisions based
on facts, not guesswork

Easy set-up and integration

Manage your Apex solutions across your entire operation, with a view of real-time device status, set-up and permissions. And Apex Cloud easily integrates with your existing systems to give you a more complete view across your enterprise.

The smarter way to manage tech,
tools and supplies

With a combination of control, visibility and automated alerts,
you’ll always know who’s using what equipment, and when it’s due back. And you can rest easy knowing supplies will be restocked at the right time, with no surprises. It’s just what you need to reduce waste, loss and replacement costs.

Better accountability
improves performance

You can see who dispensed every part, when your distributor replenished each bin, who checked-out every scanner (and when they returned it,) what time your customer picked up their will-call order – it’s all tracked, every day, 24/7.

Get answers when

you need them

See how Lenz makes it easy

to understand important

trends, at a glance.

Lenz™ transforms your data
into simple, clear dashboards

You can look at data from lots of angles to spot patterns and trends you might have missed. Then you can export reports and share them with people who need them. Your subscription gives your teams new insights to information they hadn’t had before, to improve decision-making, drive greater efficiencies, optimize productivity, reduce costs and enhance your customer experience.


Improve order pickup
and return processes

  • Understand dwell time increases and reductions
  • Pinpoint peak order pickup hours, days, weeks, and more
  • Quickly see delivery and pickup details over time
  • View most popular order pickup hours and days
  • View utilization stats by store, location and more

Optimize supplies, parts
and materials spending

  • See sales this month, and year over year
  • Know which customer accounts need attention
  • Compare operations and inventory KPIs
  • See your best- and worst-selling products
  • View customers by highest dispense volume
  • Adjust and optimize and restock schedules

Get more accountability
for enterprise devices

  • See if assets are checked in and out when expected
  • Track high device overdue rates to users
  • View check-out duration windows by location
  • See asset utilization by shift and location
  • Check that assets are being identified for repairs