Supply Chain Reduces Scanner Replacement Costs By 40% With AXCESS Self-Serve, Automated Locker Solutions from Apex

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Apex Axcess 6100
Apex Axcess 6100

CHICAGO, April 4, 2017 — Some of the world’s biggest companies rely on the AXCESS™ line of self-serve, automated locker solutions from Apex Supply Chain Technologies® to yield significant operational efficiencies and savings. AXCESS manages, tracks and controls mission-critical equipment used in warehouses, distribution centers and other facilities.

“Competing in today’s fast-changing, global economy makes improvement programs like Six Sigma, Lean and ISO a prerequisite,” says Kent Savage, Founder and CEO of Apex Supply Chain Technologies. “Our smart lockers help companies eliminate the waste and inefficiency hiding in their supply chains to reinforce these important programs and to gain measurable bottom-line savings.”

AXCESS lockers offer a straightforward process for managing high-value mobile devices, like handheld scanners, voice-picking headsets, printers and tablets. Facilities can come to a complete standstill without these mission-critical devices and equipment, but most companies do not manage or control it. This creates a variety of issues, including device hoarding and loss. This results in low employee productivity, wasted time and frequent repairs and device replacement.

Operational Impact Drives Fast ROI

AXCESS lockers provide a secure environment to protect a company’s significant investment in mobile devices. The various process improvements resulting from this technology deliver companies a return on investment (ROI) in an average of one to three months.

  • Decrease Costs: Costs decrease with a more productive workforce and less-frequent asset replacement. In fact, companies see as much as a 40% reduction in device replacement costs.
  • Increase Employee Productivity: Automating the device check-out and return process increases productivity, as assets can be deployed at the point of work throughout a facility. This also reduces “walk-and-wait” time.
  • Make Devices Available 24/7: Employees check out assets using personalized ID cards or codes. This ensures they have access to the tools needed to do their job, and these tools are ready when they need them.
  • Managers Work Smarter: Managers can focus on more important tasks since they do not have to help locate missing assets. If devices are not returned at the end of a shift, or if a device needs service, managers automatically receive alerts.

Cloud-Based Platform Delivers Real-Time Visibility of Assets

All Apex devices are connected to the Trajectory Cloud™ platform. Trajectory Cloud collects and manages data from each solution in real-time, automatically creating reports, monitoring status and alerting managers as warranted. Management can easily access the platform through a secure web portal or mobile app.

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